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ART : Everywhere : For Everyone

Artology is an independent art programme, founded by Quantus Gallery. It was designed to embrace the role of art in culture and is centred around discovery. The programme offers emerging artists a platform of supporting partners, innovators, and creative freedom to bring their talent to life. Local communities are at heart of what we do and we strive to make art accessible for all, focusing on opening doors for a diverse range of audiences.


Zedwell is the ‘hotel you check-in to tune out’. They’re serious about sleep, and believe that it isn’t a luxury, but a state of mind that we must embrace to live better. It is a lifestyle concept, designed to promote positivity and well-being, situated amongst the chaos of the city.


Quantus is the gallery that goes beyond art. We forge relationships with prestigious art dealers across a multitude of markets, providing a solid base for an art advisory in both the traditional and digital spheres.

Demystifying Art

The Zedwell art program in partnership with Quantus Gallery. Demystifying art, revealing its intimate role in culture and supporting the making of future masters, who are shaping the creative landscape

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