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Zedwell is the ‘hotel you check-in to tune out’. They’re serious about sleep, and believe that it isn’t a luxury, but a state of mind that we must embrace to live better. It is a lifestyle concept, designed to promote positivity and well-being, situated amongst the chaos of the city.

At Zedwell, guests are able to disconnect from their stresses in a ‘cocoon’, equipped with air purifiers, ambient lighting and the very best quality bedding. Anxiety is removed thanks to the clean, clutter-free space and user-friendly functions. Zedwell allows its guests access to ‘wellbeing’ classes, such as yoga, pilates and meditation, and has a ‘Shaman Café’ with a emphasis on balance and nutrition. Zedwell is the future of hospitality.

There is a keen focal point on sustainability at Zedwell. The space was designed by globally renowned architects, ‘Neri and Hu’ and was built by hand, using a variety of natural and recyclable materials. This ensures that the hotel fulfils its vital role in environmental protection. Zedwell not is not only demonstrating what the future looks like, but also allowing one to be built.

11-29 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX

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